Augusto Ascheri, majority shareholder of the ICE Group, announced that the Board of Directors of Italiana Coke, which met on 31 October, has appointed Paolo Cervetti as CEO. Cervetti is already serving as CEO of Funivie S.p.A., another company in the group. The appointment was made by the holding company, owned by the Ascheri family, in compliance with the agreements reached with the banking system to ensure speed and coherence to the recently approved continuity arrangement, which requires special attention integrated into the “coal system”, in a context which, although still being resolved, remains complicated. Paolo Cervetti, from Genoa, has an undergraduate degree in economics and a Master’s degree from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. He previously held positions at Duferco, Accenture and Veolia. He also served as CEO of Genoa-based mobility and transport company AMT.


Italiana Coke press office