Italiana Coke, European leader in the production of coke for metallurgy, siderurgy, and insulated products, thanks to a cogeneration plant produces 150 thousand megawatts per year of electricity, which is sold to companies in the North East of Italy.
The group includes the Terminal Alti Fondali Savona  which provide for loading, unloading, transport and storage of bulk.
The group belongs to the Ascheri family, which holds the majority of shares with 61.3% and to the Metalcorp Group with 38.7%.

About usServing industry since 1897

Our history dates back to the very roots of Italian industry. For over 100 years, we have been working alongside numerous companies in various industrial sectors as  suppliers of coke, reaching international markets by means of an integrated logistics system


Coke logistics

The coke produced is delivered by road, rail or sea. Containers are shipped from the ports of Genoa and Savona/Vado Ligure. Bulk cargo ships are loaded at the Alti Fondali Savona terminal. Thanks to a stable partnership with European logistics companies, we are able to deliver to all European countries and reach all overseas destinations (Mediterranean, Far East and America).

Company mission

Since taking over Eni’s coke production and bulk logistics operations in 1994, Italiana Coke has always focused on the growth and continuous improvement of its operational activities and customer satisfaction. The continuous technological advancements at the plants have given Italiana Coke the opportunity to team up with a number of major companies around the world.



The foundation

The Coke and Derivatives Company is founded, based in Savona at the mouth of the Letimbro.

The relocation

The coking plant is transferred to the industrial area of Vado Ligure at the mouth of the river Segno, with a landing place for the supply of coal in the harbour.

The first cableway

Realization of the cableway for the bulk transport from the port of Savona to the industrial area of Saint Joseph of Cairo Montenotte.

The new establishments

The facility in Cairo Montenotte was established, equipped with three coke oven batteries, and the cableway line for the supply of raw materials was doubled.

The fourth battery

The fourth battery was built, later rebuilt in 1959.

The fifth battery

Second expansion of the production plants with the realization of the fifth battery.

The first company merger

The coking plant of Vado Ligure buys the coking plant of Cairo Montenotte.

A thriving group

The company, under ENI Resources, is associated with two other coking plants: Avenza and Porto Marghera.

The certification

The company acquires the certification of the quality management system.

Privatisation and international expansion

ENI resources sells the company to private investors that expand its activity to international markets.

The new plants: power plant and environmental interventions

The cogeneration plant of electricity is built and work begins to increase the environmental compatibility of the coking plant.

The environmental certification

The company acquires the certification of the environmental management system.

Funivie S.p.A

Italiana Coke S.r.l. acquires Funivie S.p.A., a cableway transport plant between Savona and Cairo Montenotte.

The environmental prevention

The project to secure the groundwater of the coking plant is approved. The construction stopped in 2011.

Integrated Environmental Authorization

The coking plant obtains the IAA (integrated environmental permit).

Terminal alti fondali Savona

Italian Coke acquires the Terminal Alti Fondali Savona, first environmental bulk carrier terminal in Italy.

Additional environmental investments

Plant construction in line with best available technologies (BAT References).

Terminal Rinfuse Genoa

Italian Coke enters the shareholding structure of Terminal Rinfuse Genoa.


The arrangement in business continuity

The company is granted the arrangement scheme, in order to repay past debts accumulated as a result of market decline and the many investments incurred for the environment.

The company turnaround begins

The company reorganizes operations, commercial activities and diversifies the production of coke, bringing the production level to over 430 thousand t/year

Disposal of non-strategic assets

The Bulk Terminal is yielded and the participations are rationalized.

Activities without interruption

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, the company continues its activities without interruption, even during the lockdowns.

Renewal of the IAA

The company receives renewal of the Integrated Environmental Authorisation, with some requirements to be implemented progressively.

Second phase of the relaunch: entry of new international partners

The company ends the agreed period. 38.7% of the shares are acquired by the Metalcorp Group, which supports the Ascheri family