ISO 14001 (since 2007): environmental certification and voluntary international standard that can be applied to any type of public or private organisation and specifies the requirements of environmental management systems.

ISO 9001 (since 1993): product quality certification and internationally recognised reference standard for quality management in any kind of organisation that intends to respond to the need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of internal processes.

ISO 9001 (since 2009): certification for the introduction of products and services to the market that ensures that all functions are more geared towards the final result and that greater attention is paid to internal and external customers.


For over 20 years, the company has had its own management system to offer the guarantee of performance required in carrying out its activities.

The management system addresses and integrates the activities necessary to ensure the quality of products and services, environmental protection, and health and safety at work, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the relevant internal processes.

The Italiana Coke corporate management system is implemented in accordance with the relevant ISO standards (9001 and 14001).

ISO standards for management systems are voluntary management and organisational schemes.

They set requirements to ensure that companies can:

– meet customer needs with their products and services (ISO 9001)

– keep track of the environmental factors linked to their activities (ISO 14001)

The management system applies to all business activities – not just production and delivery but also the analytical monitoring of products and raw materials – needed to ensure that the customers’ quality requirements are met.


The Italiana Coke management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1993, adhering to its various subsequent updates.

In 2007, the certification was extended to include environmental management requirements in accordance with ISO 14001.

For certification purposes, the company turns to the Certiquality Institute in Milan, one of the first to carry out audits and management certification in Italy with a wealth of experience in the chemical-industrial sector.

Certifications are renewed every three years as established by the relevant regulations. The institute carries out a full and systematic audit on the various organisational, procedural and operational aspects of corporate activities at least once a year.


Italiana Coke has always considered accurate, timely and constant metrological monitoring of the production cycle to be a decisive factor in ensuring the quality of the coke.

This is why the company has a specialised internal laboratory with several decades of experience whose control and analysis activities are of particular importance in the corporate management system.

To ensure and certify that the services provided by the laboratory meet quality requirements, since 2009 the analysis activities carried out internally have been subject to the company’s own certification in accordance with ISO 9001, which is independent from that of production activities.

To this end, quality control at the laboratory has been entrusted to a different certification institution from the previous one, RINA Service from Genoa, which also has experience in the sector.