Coal undergoes a dry distillation process, through which two types of coke are created and diversified based on their final use: foundry coke and metallurgical coke. Blast furnace coke can also be produced upon special request.


Foundry coke


70/90 mm
70/140 mm
90/140 mm
+ 90 mm
+140 mm

Metallurgical coke


7/10 mm
10/25 mm
10/40 mm
30/70 mm
40/60 mm
60/100 mm
+60 mm
+80 mm

Blast furnace coke


25/100 mm

Other products

The products derived from the process are coal tar and ammonium sulphate, as well as steam and electricity.



Coal tar

Viscous liquid produced during coke production.

Ammonium  sulphate

An ammonium salt of sulphuric acid. It is mainly used as a fertiliser for soils that are too basic.


The cogeneration plant generates electricity from the gases produced from distillation.